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Empowering the Future of Sustainable Roofing and Construction

Welcome to the official website of MERCFR – Materials and Engineering Research of Climate Friendly Roofing.

We are a pioneering organisation dedicated to revolutionising the roofing and construction industry through sustainable practices and innovative solutions. With a deep focus on materials research, engineering advancements, and environmental consciousness, we strive to empower the future of sustainable roofing and construction. Explore our website to discover cutting-edge products, explore inspiring sustainable construction projects, and access valuable resources that will drive positive change in the industry.

Join us on this transformative journey towards a greener, more resilient future for the built environment.

Our team

Matt Harding

Founder of Digiqole

Beuran Hendricks

Co-Founder of Digiqole

Objectives and Activities

Our primary objectives and activities could include:

Research and Development: Conducting extensive research to explore and develop innovative materials, technologies, and engineering solutions for climate-friendly roofing. This involves investigating sustainable roofing materials, energy-efficient designs, and environmentally responsible manufacturing processes.

Testing and Evaluation: Performing rigorous testing and evaluation of various roofing materials and systems to assess their performance, durability, energy efficiency, and environmental impact. This involves conducting laboratory tests, field trials, and simulations to gather data and validate the effectiveness of climate-friendly roofing solutions.

Collaborations and Partnerships: Collaborating with industry stakeholders, academic institutions, government agencies, and other research organisations to foster knowledge sharing, exchange expertise, and work together on advancing the field of climate-friendly roofing. This involves forming partnerships for joint research projects, participating in industry conferences, and contributing to standards and guidelines development.

Technology Transfer and Implementation: Facilitating the transfer of research findings and innovative technologies into practical applications in the roofing industry. This involves providing guidance, training, and technical support to manufacturers, contractors, and professionals involved in the design, installation, and maintenance of climate-friendly roofs.

Education and Awareness: Promoting awareness and understanding of climate-friendly roofing practices through educational programs, workshops, and outreach initiatives. This involves creating resources, disseminating knowledge, and advocating for sustainable roofing practices among professionals, policymakers, and the general public.

Advisory Services: Offering expert advice and consultation to stakeholders in the construction and roofing sectors on incorporating climate-friendly materials and engineering solutions into their projects. This includes providing guidance on sustainable material selection, energy-efficient designs, and environmental performance assessments.

Overall, the organization serves as a research hub, driving advancements in materials, engineering techniques, and best practices for climate-friendly roofing.

Our aim is to contribute to the transition towards more sustainable and resilient roofing systems that mitigate the environmental impact of buildings and promote energy efficiency in the face of climate change.

office locations

5737 Mesmer Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90230
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1747 Connecticut Ave. N.W.
Washington, DC 20009
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666 Broadway, 11th Floor
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2300 E. Imperial Highway
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