Are you thinking about fundraising for a charity in Warwickshire? If you choose to raise funds for Midlands Emergency Response, we will do all we can to help you make the most from your time spent supporting us.

Whether you are climbing a mountain, taking part in a walk or run, or organising your own event, we’ve put some tips together to help with your fundraising efforts.

Online Fundraising

JustGiving and Virgin Money Giving are two massively popular fundraising platforms with plenty of free tools and tips to help you raise money for charity online.

BT’s MyDonate offers a similar service but does not charge a fee, instead it gives the full amount to the charity.

An alternative option we offer is your own dedicated fundraising page on our own website. All donations through your page are trackable to your cause and all are added to your overall target which is visible on your page. To go with this option please do contact us and we’ll instruct our Birmingham website design guys at Huxo Creative to start building your fundraising page.

Include Photos

A simple yet effective way to personalise your fundraising page is to add a photo, preferably of yourself. Try to include photos related to your story if possible. If you’re unable to do this we can supply you photos you can use.

Include Your Story

Include your personal story to let people know your reason for raising money. Why are you supporting Midlands Emergency Response? Have you or a family member been visited by one of our Coleshill or Nuneaton Community First Responders in their hour of need, or have you? Let people know.

Set Your Fundraising Target

Watching your donations flood in as a great feeling but there’s another reason to set a target for your efforts to raise money for MER. Stats from JustGiving state that “setting a target donation amount can lead to a 45% increase in page value” and seeing how close you are to hitting your target may encourage others to help you get there.

Tell Your Friends and Family

A good place to start is to let your friends, family members and colleagues know that you’re raising money for our charity and to ask them to donate. This is a good way to get the ball rolling and to get your first few donations. Tell your friends by email, text, WhatsApp, Facebook etc and of course, in person.

Spread the word online

Reach out to the wider community through the power of social media. We’ve included some specific tips for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn below.

Make use of local hashtags and local influencers on Twitter: For instance, if fundraising in Coleshill or Birmingham you could use the hashtag #Birmingham in your tweet or use #MidlandsHour and in Nuneaton you could add #Nuneaton to your tweets. A retweet from @MidlandsHour or @nuneatontweets could help you reach a wider audience. Also consider tweeting to local politicians, large businesses, journalists, celebrities etc or contact them directly.

Sharing on Facebook: Post about your efforts and include a link to your fundraising page, then make use of local Facebook groups by sharing your post there and encourage others to share your post.

Utilise your LinkedIn network: Share your story to your professional network on LinkedIn. One tip to help your post reach a wider audience is to not include a link in your LinkedIn post but to instead add the link as the first comment as this has a better impact thanks to LinkedIn’s algorithm.  

Post An Update

Keep your supporters updated with what you’ve been up to in your fundraising efforts.This could be a one-off after your event, or multiple updates depending on how you’ve decided to raise funds. Be sure to include photos where possible.

Thank Your Supporters

Be sure to say thanks to those who’ve donated to your fundraiser. Let them know how the money you raised will be used by our charity and the impact this will have on the local community.

Other Fundraising Advice

Get Publicity

Contact the local press to let them know about your fundraiser. Be sure to include what it is you’re doing to raise money for us, why you are doing it, how the money will be used to help save lives, and let people know how they can donate.

If you need any assistance with contacting the local press please do let us know. We can also help you to put your story into words if needed.

Use Sponsor Forms

Taking sponsorship forms to your workplace or to social events is another great way to boost your donations. Please let us know if you require any sponsorship forms and we can get these to you.

Place Collection Tins Locally

If you know of a local business or public place willing to put out one of our collection tins to raise money for our Community First Responders please let us know and we can make arrangements.

The above are just a few different examples of how you can fundraise to help Midlands Emergency Response Community First Responders in Warwickshire.

Can you think of other ways to help raise vital funds for our charity and support us in our work? Let us know!