How do MER Community First Responders get sent to 999 calls?

When a 999 call is made and an ambulance is dispatched, the ambulance control room (EOC) will dispatch the nearest available Community First Responder, if the incident is appropriate.

CFRs are sent to incidents within 5 miles or 10 minutes of their location and attend a wide range of incidents.

A CFR is not sent instead of a conventional ambulance resource – but as a First Response to render aid.

In many illnesses or injuries, the first few minutes are critical and simple interventions can be performed in order to save lives or prevent disability.

The aim is that a Community First Responder may arrive first to begin life saving treatments while an ambulance is still on the way.

Once the clinician from the ambulance service arrives to take over treatment, the CFR can come away to respond to another call.


Midlands Emergency Response is a financially self-supporting CFR scheme.

We rely on generous donations from the residents and businesses in the local community to help us carry on saving lives.

West Midlands Ambulance Service provide us with support and training but we need donations to provide new kit, uniforms and equipment.

Your donation, no matter how big or small, goes a long way and helps us to continue our work.